North Korea Consulates

Foreign Consulates Abroad

  North Korea Consulates in:

China - Shenyang
Hong Kong - Hong Kong
Russia - Khabarovsk
Russia - Nahodka

Information North Korea Consulates

Foreign consulates of North Korea are bilateral missions abroad. The consulates of North Korea promote foreign interests abroad. Consulates are subordinate to the embassies and focus on more specific activities.

A Consulate or Consulate-General of North Korea is a diplomatic representative office or mission. The head of the Consulate or Consulate-General is a Consul or a Consul General.

A Honorary Consulate of North Korea is generally a independent person who executes certain consular duties. A Honorory Consulate is headed by a Honorory Consul who often works as the diplomatic representative on a part-time basis and often has limited powers.